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Non-Player Characters

Absolute Terror isn't just about guns 'n ammo, it's also about getting to know the occupants of Tokyo-3 and how they can aid you in acquiring more guns 'n ammo - well kinda. Whilst some of these individuals may well harbor weapons of war, others may just have a few words of wisdom to part with.

Kaji Ryoji - 'Black Market' Arms Dealer & Spy.

Name: Kaji Ryoji

Disposition: Self-preservation

Occupation: 'Black Market' Arms Dealer & Spy

Location: Here and there - primarily in secluded areas

The first thing to take heed about Kaji is that he gets around. Kaji handles a lot of shady business and as such can be found dotted around Tokyo-3. That said, he likes to keep a low profile so you'll more likely find him skulking around rural settlements and/or city outskirts.

Kaji is first and foremost a spy. Officially he works for NERV's special inspections division, however, he also secretly works for the Japanese government investigating NERV's true intentions. The short of it is that Kaji works for whoever's paying the bills the quickest i.e. whether or not you have two arms and two legs makes no odds.
In his spare time Kaji uses his specialist skills to both harbor 'special' items for his own client base and to provide his clients with said 'special' items.
His acquired knowledge can also be obtained - for a price.

Ritsuko Akagi - NERV head technician.

Name: Ritsuko Akagi

Disposition: Secretive

Occupation: NERV head technician

Location: Either at work or home - dependant on time of day

This lady is a stickler for routine. As soon as dawn breaks she can be found working at NERV's 3rd branch base of operations - usually in The Cage. At night she retires to her luxury apartment located in the city centre down town.

Ritsuko is NERV's head technician and so is always first to arrive in the morning and last to leave at night. She is the primary force behind project 'E' i.e. the Evangelions and their development, and reports directly to NERV's board of directors.
Ritsuko is always looking for opportunities to study the Angels or SEELE's closely guarded EVA Mass Production Model and will reward those bringing her valuable research material handsomely with one of the rarest elements known to man; Iridium!
Since Ritsuko does not deal directly with her suppliers, and as such does not care who they are, simply tow an immobilised specimen to her location. If she sees what she currently needs lying on her door step, so to speak, then she will drop the relevant payment on the floor.
It is rumored, by her closest lab assistant Maya Ibuki, that she is currently after the following:

Specimen designation: Bardiel

Since Ritsuko is constantly pushing the boundaries of her research it is likely that next week she will be seeking something else entirely - as such be sure to check with Maya regularly as she's one for idle gossip.
Incidentally, when finished with her specimens, Ritsuko has NERV's special inspections division dump the cargo in the outskirts of Tokyo-3.

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Absolute Terror: Free to play Neon Genesis Evangelion (NGE) MMORPG / MMORTS at http://www.absoluteterror.net Absolute Terror: Free to play Neon Genesis Evangelion (NGE) MMORPG / MMORTS at http://www.absoluteterror.net

Random Profiles x 3

  • Aeronought

    A reproduction model of the upgraded Evangelion Unit-00, piloted by yet another clone of Wonder Girl herself. The Quintessentials aim to take down the squad '?' and obtain all ten Sephirot to gain greater knowledge of Ein Sof.
  • Lt. Riker

    Scuffed and scarred, this red unit is a remainder of the first true Evangelions, the Production Models.
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