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Every website under the Guide To... umbrella has been down to one person...me; Liam Young. For this particular project, however, I have consulted a former work colleague of mine, Alex Sheers, who is an avid follower of Anime, and Comics (writer for Comics International), as well as a good friend of mine, Matt Webster, from University days gone by.

I've been known in the past for not writing anything about myself. So in the interests of keeping curiosities at bay, I've scraped together some cheese on the mugs behind the scenes:

Liam Young image.

Victim #1 (2007 - present)

Name: Liam Young

Age: 32

Responsible for:
Design, coding, content...errr....everything!

Anime, windsurfing, web dev, sushi, fast cars

Erratic drivers, bolth arrogant and two-faced people!

Let's see... I was born [upside down!?!], grew up, got deported to France for 2 years, came back, studied my GCSEs, then A' Levels. Crashed my motorbike - bugger that! Went off to Brighton University and studied BSc(Hons) Software Engineering for 4 years. Tutored in computers for a year or so, then ended up in a full time job. Actually one of my clients landed me the job.
Dumped that after treading water for 2 and a half years. Decided to freelance in web development for around 8 months until I landed sure footed in a firm of solicitors practicing the dizzy heights of IT Manager.
After 5 years of managing an IT department, cloud computing finally decimated my team at which point I then decided to go back to my web development roots - something which I can never stay away from for too long.
I then work as a web developer for a young design studio, however, all was not as I had hoped. Fortunately, through sheer luck, I managed to slide back into IT infrastructure/administration once more, this time for a new firm of solicitors for whom I practice, to my delight, the dark art of IT to this very day.

I have also been the lucky owner of both an awesome Velocity Red Mazda RX-8 and a funster Le Mans green MG TF.
Sadly, both have now had their time and have given way to maturity and the inevitable prospect of a family. Now I dance around at break neck speeds in a modest Mazda 2 Sport - at least it's future proof! ;)

Alex Sheers image.

Victim #2 (KIA: 2007 - 2008)

Name: Alex Sheers

Age: 37

Responsible for:
Research, ideas, cartography, marketing

Comics, electro house, cats

The hoi polloi, reality TV, baby sick

I was born and raised in South East London, a fact that I bitterly blame for any shortfalls in my development. After some eminently forgettable years at Bexley Grammar School, I studied French and German at Keele University, before accidentally falling into IT Support, where I languish to this day.

An overriding love of costumed superhero comics enabled me to secure a gig writing reviews for the monthly trade publication Comics International, and I continue in my futile attempts to write - and possibly draw - my own sequential opus.

I co-own a small black and white cat called Neko, and recently sired a son, who, despite being quite cute, has singlehandedly obliterated the mere concept of "free time".

Matt Webster image.

Victim #3 (KIA: 2007 - 2008)

Name: Matt Webster

Age: 31

Responsible for:
Code tips, routing theories, hosting advice

Drunken mayhem, LINUX, Cisco

Slow drivers, Microsoft!!

Note: Profile written by Liam
(because Matt couldn't be assed to write something).

What he doesn't know about network administration can be written on a beer matt! He's also bloody annoying as he's one of those people who can write a dissertation in three nights!! Git!!! That said his artistic qualities are ropey at best and his motivation dies horribly once the 48 hour threshold has been crossed, especially when the Simpsons is being aired on TV. So the trick is to load him up with small yet bloody difficult tasks, that way the cogs grind and the wheels turn long enough to produce concentrated bursts of godliness.

On a more disturbing note, he seems to have a thing for penguins. A condition that I fear may worsen what with his continued exposure to LINUX. If his feet start bending outwards and he suddenly develops the ability to swim then I'm shipping him off to the local Sea Life centre.

Additional Casualties

And lastly, special thanks to the odd squad:

Special thanks to all the beta-testers (Chimera Exodus, Darkblade, Grinning White Bastard, Jay, Juny, Lex the Zephyr, Mike, Nicholas, Rashnu, Úlfhéðinn and Von Wulfenbach - to name but a few...) for helping us enormously to get Absolute Terror off the ground. Their ideas have, and continue to, help shape the game's progression. They are Absolute Terror's true veterans! We can't thank them enough for sticking with the game during its crucial, make or brake, first year of development. They made us make it...long may it continue.

Thanks also to Absolute Terror's second generation of testers. In particular thanks to Lilium and Tehnewbrobot for their enormous input into Absolute Terror's development during its second year on the MMO circuit.

Lastly, huge thanks to John Symonds for putting together some awesome promotional art work for Absolute Terror in addition to his suggestions and ideas.

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Latest News (snippet):

15/08/2014 - Game Update: It is with great sadness that, after developing and hosting Absolute Terror for over 7 years, I am now forced to archive this venerable beast to a com...continue reading.

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Absolute Terror: Free to play Neon Genesis Evangelion (NGE) MMORPG / MMORTS at http://www.absoluteterror.net Absolute Terror: Free to play Neon Genesis Evangelion (NGE) MMORPG / MMORTS at http://www.absoluteterror.net

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